Our Customers’ Success Is Chrisy Woll’s Passion

Our customers’ success is Chrisy Woll’s passion

Chrisy Woll is a leader in Customer Success – building genuine and meaningful relationships with customers. As CampusLogic’s Vice President of Customer Success, she’s helping our clients’ experience become even more awesome.

Chrisy Woll, VP Customer Success

Chrisy Woll, VP Customer Success

We Love Our Customers and They Know It “This is the essence of customer success—our customers knowing that we love them.” —Chrisy Woll, VP of Customer Success A veteran in…

“Could This Be Sent By Text?”

“Could This Be Sent by Text?”

Are you using text messaging in your student communications strategies? Chrisy Woll, VP of Customer Success, explains why it’s absolutely necessary today. She offers these best practices to keep students engaged.

“No Pain, No Gain”

“No Pain, No Gain”

“Learning, innovating, and changing how we do something can cause us pain,” writes our VP of Customer Success Chrisy Woll. “But once you get through it, something miraculous happens...”

Grit: How To Embrace The Nitty Gritty Of Success

Grit: How to Embrace the Nitty Gritty of Success

Grit is a key indicator of a person’s success in achieving goals. It isn’t necessarily something you’re born with but it can be learned and practiced. Chrisy Woll, VP of Customer Success, explains.

Simplify Your Life At Work With These 3 Tips

Simplify Your Life at Work with These 3 Tips

What’s preventing you from accomplishing the true purpose of your work? Remove the clutter and simplify your life at work with these tips from our VP of Customer Success, Chrisy Woll.