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242 of 250 at-risk students saved by StudentVerification text alerts

Text messages make all the difference

When an employee unexpectedly left, Denise Sebastian, Director of Financial Aid at Mineral Area College (MAC), created a silver-lining: she moved to a student self-service platform that delivers modern, mobile, paper-free financial aid. “It was a good time for us to evaluate our overall situation,” she explains.

With only one employee managing the Missouri-based school’s financial aid verification process, which sees upwards of 1500 verifications a year, Sebastian was on the lookout for a more efficient solution. Alternatives before her included adding more people to her team, or potentially outsourcing—neither of which was ideal. “We were looking for ways to save money but we also wanted to keep the verification process in-house so that we could control the process and still perform the actual verification,” she explains.

Time for a makeover

MAC’s paper-based, mailed student verification forms caused general frustrations for financial aid staff and prospective students alike. “Mail was going back and forth four or five times—which meant we were document imaging four or five times,” Sebastian says. “And if out-of-state parents couldn’t come in to sign, it further complicated the process.” To win her over, a new solution would need to:

  • Help MAC improve upon its 65% verification completion rate
  • Reduce inefficiencies for staff and students
  • Provide a better student experience

Modern, mobile, paperless financial aid

CampusLogic fit the bill. The cloud-based, student self-service portal manages all verification activities and facilitates student notifications, document collection, data validation, and school communication. Thanks to CampusLogic being cloud-based, MAC was up and running – and staff were fully trained – in under two weeks.

MAC students: fast adopters of the new technology.

“Roughly 250 students were at-risk of dropping for non-payment. We were able to save 242 of them thanks to CampusLogic’s text-alert system,” says Sebastian. “Students are responding so much better to text messaging. In fact, it has been so successful, we’re looking to include text in more initiatives across the school.”

MAC saw immediate value:

  • Reduction in collection time: 3-6 weeks down to one week or less
  • Reduction in processing time:  8-10 days down to 24 hours
  • Time saved: at minimum 40 hours per week = 2,080 hours a year

What MAC loves most about CampusLogic:

  • Side-by-side ISIR verification process
  • CampusLogic’s amazing tech support
  • Reports and metrics
  • Zero effort required to implement regulatory changes
  • Automatic document imaging – no more indexing and scanning

About MAC

Established in 1965, MAC succeeded Flat River Junior College – the third-oldest public junior college in Missouri, born in 1922.

  • Exclusively ground-based
  • Enrollment: 3,200Mineral Area College
  • Students receiving financial aid: 94%
  • Estimated verifications per year: 1,500
  • Financial aid management system: PowerFAIDS
  • Challenge: Improve upon a time-consuming, tedious verification process while simultaneously dealing with a staff reduction.
  • Solution: CampusLogic StudentVerification
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