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399 Workbench: Your Ready-Made Solution [On-Demand Webinar]

“Find and Clear C Code 399,” our September Financial Aid Webinar, explored how financial aid offices plan to handle identification and clearance of the Department of Education’s new C Code 399. Hosted by Chris Chumley, Chief Operating Officer, and Amy Glynn, Vice President of Financial Aid Awareness and Community Initiatives at CampusLogic, webinar participants got a sneak peek of 399 Workbench, built to solve the unique one-year situation Financial Aid offices now find themselves in.

Topics Covered Include:

  • A history of C Code 399
  • Potential repercussions for Financial Aid offices
    • Added administrative burden
    • Negative student experience
    • Increased delays
    • Increased attrition
  • Actions schools should take
  • 399 Workbench
    • Why we built it
    • A new feature in StudentForms
    • How it solves issues raised by C Code 399

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