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Round Up: 5 Great Financial Aid Industry Blogs

The term blog isn’t so old; in fact I’ll boldly assume it’s younger than anyone reading this blog. It was coined in 1997, when John Barger called his site “weblog.” Since then, blogging has become a part of daily life for many Americans. Research shows 77% of Internet users read blogs. Welcome to the 77%, dear reader.
You probably have your favorites to follow; maybe you’re a fan of sports blogs on ESPN nation, of home trends and recipes on Better Homes and Gardens’ blog or (like me) of James Altucher’s and Tim Ferriss’ innovative, often edgy life advice.

But what blogs should you follow in your field? After all, you want to be up to date on the latest news in Financial Aid. Plus, there are free tips, helpful statistics and interesting opinions to be found on Financial Aid blogs that could make your job easier, earn you points with your boss or simply give you a momentary laugh from someone who understands your industry. Tell you what: We’ll share our favorites, and you share yours!

Keep reading for CampusLogic’s 5 favorite financial aid industry blogs.


The Edvisors blog is our favorite – an industry must-read for sure. It’s authored by Mark Kantrowitz, who is known as the most quoted man in financial aid. The blog offers financial aid expertise and opinion, often with a tongue-in-cheek tone, such as the recent post Student Loan Bubble Causes Zombie Apocalypse.


Pardon us while we toot our own horn (toot, toot!). The CampusLogic blog features resources for financial aid directors and admins, with everything from productivity hacks to financial aid interview advice to a feature on NASFAA’s ethical dilemma. Our most popular blog is An Open Letter to Students from a Financial Aid Counselor.


Education Dive is a great site with a higher ed section featuring a range of topics, including school-specific news, new studies about student habits and more.

Confessions of a Community College Dean

Inside Higher Ed, one of the most noteworthy online sources for higher ed news, opinions and jobs, runs a column by Matt Reed called Confessions of a Community College Dean. I found Matt’s column via one of his recent posts, No Payments for 90 Days!, which discusses an interesting idea about incentivizing early class registration for students by delaying their payment date. Good read!

NASFAA’S Today’s News

Today’s News features topics that NASFAA finds interesting. It’s fair to assume if an article is of interest to NASFAA, it should be to most financial aid professionals. NASFAA includes original pieces as well as articles on other websites. They even featured a CampusLogic blog once, which made us mighty proud. You can subscribe to receive Today’s News in a daily email too.