California Promise Grant

California Community Colleges: Automate Your California Promise Grant Appeal Process

(updated March 12, 2018)

CampusLogic automates FinAid forms and processes, working closely with customers to ensure our technology and automation is driving office efficiencies and student success. A California-based customer alerted us to upcoming changes in terms of the California College Promise Grant (formerly known as the BOG Fee Waiver) program. In June, custom appeal functionality was launched as part of StudentForms. It empowers students to submit appeals proactively via digital channels.

What Is the California College Promise Grant?

A student aid program exclusively for California residents attending in-state community colleges, the California Promise Grant (formerly, the BOG Fee Waiver) allows qualified students to waive enrollment fees. Academic eligibility requirements must be met by all students who apply. Those academic requirements must continue to be met in order for the California Promise Grant recipient to continue to receive enrollment fee waivers.

California College Promise Grant Eligibility

Eligibility focuses on two areas:

  • Academic: Maintain a cumulative GPA of 2.0 or higher
  • Progress: Maintain cumulative completion of at least 50% of coursework

If a California Promise Grant recipient’s cumulative GPA or completion rate falls below the established minimum for two consecutive primary terms (Fall/Spring) a student may lose his or her enrollment fee waiver eligibility.

How to Appeal Cancellation of California College Promise Grant Eligibility

Students can appeal cancellation of their California College Promise Grant (formerly, the BOG Fee Waiver) for a number of reasons, including extenuating circumstances, change in economic situation, and significant academic improvement. View this great Fee Waiver Fact Sheet provided by the Fullerton College FinAid Office for detailed information on reasons for appeals—and how a student can regain eligibility.

Help Students Maintain California College Promise Grant Eligibility

California community college FinAid Offices can take steps to ease the impact of the California Promise Grant (formerly, the BOG Fee Waiver) eligibility changes for students, by:

  • Communicating clear expectations about eligibility requirements
  • Encouraging students to seek appropriate student and academic support services
  • Providing timely notification of a student’s California Promise Grant issues
  • Automating the appeals process using StudentForms by CampusLogic