Financial Aid Office Worker Confused

A how-to guide to accelerating your institution’s contracting process

Today, tech-buying decisions are often made via cross-functional teams representing a range of departments, both with primary and secondary influence on the decision. When it comes to purchasing a technology solution for Financial Aid (meaning CampusLogic, of course), everyone from the VP of Enrollment to the CIO and CFO may want to be involved. Their involvement completely makes sense considering CampusLogic will increase enrollment, improve efficiencies and drastically improve the student experience.

The FinAid Worksheet

This worksheet will help you identify the relevant people, departments, processes, and documentation necessary to bring #finaid #awesomeness to your staff and students. Don’t worry, you’re not in this alone. Our team is ready to work with you in approaching each of these stakeholders to determine their timelines, processes, and documentation needs.

Download the printer-friendly worksheet or the full-sized worksheet >