Dad Written In Sand

Innovation rules, and dads rock. But do dads always rock innovation?

At CampusLogic, we know that to be innovative you have to be willing to fail (sometimes). In honor of Father’s Day, we asked our crew to tell us about funny times their dads tried something that didn’t… quite… work out as planned. Read on!

Christmas CatWe got my kitten right around Christmas time and needless to say she was fascinated with the Christmas tree. My dad would camp out in the living room with a super soaker and wait until the cat would try to climb the tree. I think he truly found joy in using a water gun in the house. The cat finally learned to stop going up the tree, but our presents were a little damp that year. Renee Johnson, Marketing Coordinator.


Spin ArtOne Easter my dad wanted to be ‘innovative’ and hot glued an egg to a spin art wheel. He didn’t foresee the difficulty of removing the egg and decided he needed to use a razor blade. An emergency room visit and plenty of stitches later, we were back home for Easter dinner. Chris Horne, VP of Finance.


Knotts Berry FarmOn a family road trip to Southern California when I was 8, we did a lot of ‘parent-centric’ things, too (like a day in Las Vegas, which was AWFUL for a little kid). One place Dad wanted to go was Knott’s Berry Farm, a place he thought was an actual berry farm where he could buy jelly, preserves, jams and whatever else a person might get excited for at a berry farm. My little brother and I walked around in awe at what was actually an amusement park! But, since Dad had already sunk an entry fee (which didn’t include rides in 1976), the only thing “fun” we got to do was take a ride on the train. Rick Dwyer, Regional Director.


WillieNelsonI wanted to go to a Willie Nelson concert. My Dad said no. I proceeded to bully, beg, and cry, ensuring I would be careful and, after all, I was going with my friends. My Dad and I continued to argue about it for several minutes. Finally, my Dad said, “Fine, if you go, I’m never going to fix your car again.” I said, “Fine, don’t.” Two weeks later my car broke down. And my Dad was right there fixing it for me. Kristi Punches, Customer Success Manager. 



SpiderMy dad thought that if he held a live tarantula on his palm that it would make me less afraid of spiders, showing me that they’re harmless and honestly not something to be afraid of. It made sense (in theory) because Dad’s always been my fearless hero. When he flipped his hand over and I saw the spider crawling up his arm to his shoulder, I freaked out. The mall patrons heard my screams for what must have felt like hours. I may have only screamed for a few seconds, but I’ve blocked out as much as I can from memory.  Tracy Skochil, Director of Content


golf clubMy dad is a very avid golfer and golfs about 3-4 times a week. He also has a tendency to take the game very seriously. While I was attending ASU, I happened to be home one afternoon trying to get my laundry done. Apparently, the day prior my dad had quite the episode on the golf course and threw his club into the lake. Thinking he didn’t want anyone to find out, he paid the green keeper to fish it out and keep things on the DL. The phone rang as I was home doing laundry. I picked it up and it was the golf pro calling to let my dad know that they were able to find his club and he could come by and pick it up anytime. I was so excited to give him that He actually bribed me not to tell mom what happened. Jennifer Hannon, Customer Success Manager

Happy Father’s Day from CampusLogic!

Umberto Eco said “I believe that what we become depends on what our fathers teach us at odd moments, when they aren’t trying to teach us. We are formed by the little scraps of wisdom.” Thanks for everything—and we mean everything—that you’ve taught us, Dads! Happy Father’s Day, you deserve it.

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