2018 Sticker Reveal

2018 “I Make Financial Aid Awesome” Sticker— Unveiled!

I Make Financial Aid Awesome is a phrase that’s been a mantra for us here at CampusLogic since day one. We’re honored to be part of the nation-wide community of individuals, organizations, and innovators who work day-in, day-out to make the financial aid experience easier. And while our goal is always to make financial aid awesome through innovative, amazing software, our bigger goal is to empower financial aid offices to embrace their own #awesome. To shout that #awesome from the rooftops. Because what you do is tough, and expectations on your FinAid Office are high.

Today, we’re unveiling the newest design in our I Make Financial Aid Awesome collectible series—scroll down for the unveiling!


Your Impact: Monumental

Each student who gets into college and persists to graduation impacts more than just his or her own life; they have potential to impact the lives of generations who follow them. Our I make financial aid awesome! sticker was created to thank each and every individual person who works within FinAid to make great things possible for students.

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