NASFAA 2017 FABS Presentation

Financial Aid, the Way Your Students Want It: A NASFAA 2017 FABS Seminar

“Financial Aid, the Way Your Students Want It,” was a well-attended NASFAA 2017 Financial Aid Business Solutions (FABS) seminar led by CampusLogic National Director Mark McGinnis in San Diego on June 28. McGinnis’ presentation kicked off with the obvious: Students are always on their mobile devices—much like we all are today—only more so according to our research. He also revealed student frustrations with FinAid and process improvements students want to see, insights gleaned from our poll of 700+ financial aid recipients.

Key NASFAA 2017 FABS Takeaways:
Download the below resources from our NASFAA 2017 FABS Seminar to learn more about:
  • Statistics on today’s mobile, connected world
  • Common student complaints about FinAid
  • Financial aid process improvements students want to see
  • What the student finance journey looks like today
  • Easy, mobile, personalized tactics to smooth the student journey
What Your Students Need: The Only Student Financial Services Platform

CampusLogic has taken to heart these student-centric frustrations (and the resultant FinAid Office challenges) to innovate—and continually improve upon—a unique student financial services platform. It’s designed to reduce all those points of friction that students encounter and help them stay engaged throughout the financial aid process—keeping them on the path to enrollment. And, ultimately to graduation.

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