FinAid Valentine

Happy Valentine’s Day!

You work tirelessly every day of the year to improve accessibility, reduce borrowing, and transform students’ lives. We’re sending you an early Valentine’s shout out—Thanks for all you do!

Show the #FinAidNinjas in your life how much you HEART them.

Tell your colleagues that they’re the BEST #FinAidNinjas ever with downloadable, printable financial aid valentines. They can be printed on any office printer, and black and white and four color options are available.

Then show off your #awesome team on social! We’ll be retweeting #FinAidNinja Valentines all day on Feb 14th, so spread the love by giving your colleagues a shout out on Twitter and Facebook!

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We love working with you to make student financial services #awesome! Thank you for all you do to remove barriers from the student finance journey and change student’s lives.