Studen Engagement For FinAid

Boost Student Engagement For FinAid: A NASFAA 2016 Presentation

It’s no secret students struggle to get through the financial aid process. Why? Paperwork, fax machines, and snail mail are completely foreign to them. Your students live on their phones – they’re banking online, booking travel online, taking classes online. They want the same experience from financial aid. That’s where CampusLogic comes in, making the financial aid experience easy, mobile, and personalized. We’re talking mobile document upload, e-signature, text communication, multi-media award letters.

Attached you’ll find materials from our NASFAA 2016 conference Financial Aid Business Solutions Seminar “Boost Student Engagement For FinAid.”

These resources can help transform financial aid, helping you provide the best (hands down) student experience to get more students through the door and into the classroom.

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