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Make Your FinAid Data Actionable: A NASFAA 2016 Presentation

Higher education institutions are focused on using relevant data to drive student success. But how often does management turn to you for answers about financial aid data that you just don’t have? We know how hard it is to access financial aid data, especially when reporting requests fall into the long backlog of items for IT to deliver. That’s why we created CampusMetrics – easy business intelligence just for financial aid. Learn how to get insights from your financial aid data instantly, easily see trends, and query to answer specific questions. You have data, now you have answers.

Attached you’ll find materials from our NASFAA 2016 conference Financial Aid Business Solutions Seminar “Make Your Financial Aid Data Actionable.”

These resources can help transform financial aid, helping you provide the best (hands down) student experience to get more students through the door and into the classroom.

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