Pi Day

National Rounded Pi Day

Shout-out to an #imakefinaidawesome industry partner

Last week, a surprise apple pie was delivered to the CampusLogic crew. The mysterious baked-goods superhero?  Fellow financial-aid-can-be-awesome-enthusiast Valerie A. Mockus, the driving force of Apple Pi Consulting. Her super power: Helping FinAid offices improve their efficiency.

National Rounded Pi Day

CampusLogic staffers devoured the pie. And today, National Pi Day, we shout out blog-love to the Apple Pi crew. Thanks so much! Every March 14 (a.k.a: 3.14), Pi Day celebrates the mathematical constant of pi. Pi represents the ratio of circumference of a circle divided by its diameter, and there’s an infinite number of digits beyond the decimal point. If you round pi to the ten-thousandth, it comes out to 3.1416—an exact match to today’s date. Math enthusiasts have dubbed today ‘Rounded Pi Day.’

Back to Apple Pi Consulting…

A software consultant roaming the nation on an adventure to improve financial aid operations—and having as much fun as possible on the way—Mockus offers Apple Pi Tips & Tricks to help FinAid offices make the most of PowerFAIDS. With industry partners like this, the road to financial aid awesomeness gets smoother every day.

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