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Online University Increases Financial Aid Completion Rates by 5%

Financial Aid Innovation Improves the Student Experience

Western Governors University, based in Utah, is an exclusively online university serving 60,000 students from across the country. With more than 70% of students receiving financial aid, WGU manages thousands of verifications a year.

Verification management required a full financial aid staff to answer hundreds of incoming questions and track down paper work to ensure completion. Despite staffing efforts, keeping up with manual financial aid processes and ensuring verification completion was both costly and time-consuming for staff. And, the overall experience for students was complicated and lengthy.

Known for its innovation and leadership, WGU partnered with CampusLogic to improve their financial aid student experience along with departmental efficiencies to ultimately get more students through financial aid and into the classroom.

As the VP of Financial Aid at WGU, I have a front row seat to the student financial aid issues facing schools today. I believe in CampusLogic’s model of cloud-based self-service solutions that simplify the financial aid process. – Bob Collins, VP of Financial Aid

WGU chooses CampusLogic

WGU chose CampusLogic’s StudentForms, a cloud-based, student self-service portal designed to manage all verification activities and facilitate student notifications, document collection, data validation, and school communication.

Students selected for verification receive a university email with a link to a website where they use their school sign-on. This is automatically generated through CampusLogic’s StudentForms product. The student can then see what is required for verification and how to complete the process. For example, a student can take a smartphone picture of a required document and upload from their mobile phone to the website in real-time.

On the staff side, verification documents are managed online with CampusLogic’s workflow driven file review process. Final documents are pre-indexed, saving staff indexing time and labor. And, to ensure verification completion, CampusLogic provides automated student communications and follow up so staff don’t spend precious time tracking down missing information.

“We’re able to complete the verification process faster than before and with half the staff because we’ve streamlined verification and don’t have to deal with compliance and technology changes from the federal government. CampusLogic does all that”. – Bob Collins, VP of Financial Aid

WGU saw immediate value:

With CampusLogic, WGU increased verification completion rates by 5%, while reducing cost by 40%. And, because the student experience was more intuitive and mobile, students had fewer questions throughout verification which reduced incoming student calls by 55%.

  • Increased verification completion rates by 5%
  • Reduced verification costs by 40%
  • Reduced incoming student calls by 55%

About Western Governors University

Western Governors University, based in Utah, is an exclusively online university serving 60,000 students from across the country.

  • Exclusively Online University
  • Enrollment: 60,000
  • Students Receiving Financial Aid: 70%
  • Challenge: Improving the financial aid student experience and streamlining internal management
  • Solution: CampusLogic StudentForms
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