Jordan Nischan

An ode to awesome FinAid

In honor of “National Great Poetry Reading Day,” CampusLogic’s Jordan Nischan was perusing classic poems, searching for a poem to bring a smile to FinAid professionals’ faces. That’s when he found this one:

A poem by Tom Scarlett, forwarded by Karen Fooks:

We’re really glad you’re coming to our school,

now please try to follow this one little rule:

When you’re angry and considering destruction,

surprise us all and read the instruction!

When mail from us is thrown aside,

that is something we can’t abide.

Return stuff to us on a timely basis,

and you’ll bring a smile to all our faces!

The more responsibility that you can take,

the more your stay here will be a piece of cake.


Jordan was inspired, noting “Our schools can write a far different poem.”

A poem by Jordan Nischan, The CampusLogic Way:

We’re really glad you’re coming to our school,

We’ve made financial aid really cool:

You completed your forms in just ten minutes?

I’m not surprised CampusLogic has no limits!

Surprised financial aid’s so easy?

So was I, little Petey.

E-signed your PJ with your phone?

CampusLogic’s set the tone.

Student experience is not a problem

We make Financial Aid super awesome!

Happy National Great Poetry Reading Day!