We Keep Commitments and Do the Right Thing

“Keeping commitments of any kind is very important to me in every aspect of my life—both personal and professional. When a school selects CampusLogic as its partner, the institution is placing its trust in us. We always need to be mindful of preserving that trust and ensuring that we live up to our promises.”
— Allison Duquette, Chief Revenue Officer

What’s a Certified Public Accountant doing as the executive leader of CampusLogic Sales and Marketing? If her name is Allison Duquette, she’s motivating, mentoring, and offering creative insights. With a mind for numbers, she’s also a problem-solver with deep business acumen who blends data-driven strategy with relationship building.

Professional Path

Allison earned her bachelor’s degree in accounting from The University of Arizona and got her CPA designation shortly thereafter. But it’s education technology that has always held her fascination. From learning systems and administrative software, to e-learning technology, and (now) student financial services, Allison’s three decades of experience in edtech give her the kind of perspective needed for her role as Chief Revenue Officer at CampusLogic. She joined the company in early 2018 after serving two stints as a global vice president at Blackboard’s Transact Division.

The ABCs of Student Finance

Asked to consider ‘the ABCs of Student Finance’ (improving accessibility, reducing student borrowing, driving down the cost of administration), Allison finds reducing borrowing a flashpoint for her. “Stats on the amount of student debt are staggering!” she says. “Too many students are starting their professional lives with an immense loan burden. CampusLogic helps more students find the financial support they need—without mortgaging their futures.”

A Hands-On Leader

Allison is a hands-on leader in the office who doesn’t mind getting her hands dirty in her organic garden at home. Or in the bargain bin at a local consignment store. One other, slightly incongruous, fact about Allison: She’s a bluegrass fan who used to play the upright bass. #AllAboutTheBass.