We Have the Courage to Change the World

“To me, this means we are comfortable with experimenting and learning from failure.”
—Chris Chumley, Chief Operating Officer

Specializing in product management, project management, and business process design throughout his 20-year career, Chris is an expert in managing change. It’s a leadership characteristic that serves him well at CampusLogic where his team is transforming traditional Financial Aid processes.

Professional Path

Prior to joining the company in 2014, Chris held EdTech leadership positions at DeVry and at TopSchool, where he was instrumental in launching the market’s first cloud-based Student Information System (SIS). He says he was lured to Phoenix and CampusLogic because he saw real opportunity in the company’s FinAid Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) products. (Plus, he loves tacos—a trademark of many company meetings).

Chris holds a bachelor’s degree in Psychology and Business Management from Brigham Young University and a master’s in Organizational Behavior from Teachers College, Columbia University.

The ABCs of Student Finance

When thinking about ‘the ABCs of Student Finance’ (improving accessibility, reducing student borrowing, driving down the cost of administration), he finds cost most important. “No real discussion of student debt can happen without addressing the rising administrative costs of delivering education,” he says.

A High-Octane Home Life

While he loves his job and the company’s optimism, noting, “there isn’t a problem we can’t eventually solve,” Chris also enjoys his high-octane home life—which features four rambunctious boys. Any spare time, he says, is dedicated to reading (fiction and nonfiction) and occasionally showing off his awesome yo-yo skills.