We Are Strong and Have the Will to Win

“Being part of a startup in its early years is not easy. There were incredibly difficult times when we weren’t sure how we would succeed. But Gregg (Scoresby) and team knew the significance of our product within the Financial Aid community—and that it had to succeed.”
—Chris Horne, VP of Finance

When Chris joined CampusLogic as VP of Finance in 2014, he saw the opportunity to be part of something extraordinary. Having served as the fledgling startup’s controller from 2011–2013, he had an inkling. Now, he’s busy overseeing the company’s exponential growth as products are launched and new personnel add to the payroll.

Professional Path

In addition to his fluent Spanish, Chris speaks accounting. He’s worked as an auditor for Deloitte & Touche and has served in leadership positions at Boomerang Capital Partners and ProfitKeeper. He holds a bachelor’s degree in Accounting from Brigham Young University.

The ABCs of Student Finance

When thinking about ‘the ABCs of Student Finance’ (improving accessibility, reducing student borrowing, driving down the cost of administration), he finds reducing student borrowing most important. “It might be my finance/accounting background,” he says, “but I think students need to balance pursuing a degree and career field they are passionate about with the costs to obtain that degree and what their ROI will be.”

Chris (“Only My Mother Calls Me Christopher”) at Home

For all that Chris does around the office, his home life is just as “fun and challenging.” The father of three is an avid runner and a big advocate of adoption.

A unique twist to our numbers guy: He spent some of his high school years working for a mortuary.