We Love Our Customers and They Know It

“I take personal pride in the quality of the software we develop. When products work as intended and meet/exceed our customers’ expectations, they know that we love what we do and care about their experience.”
—Jason Saunders, VP of Engineering

Jason joined CampusLogic in 2014, bringing with him nearly 15 years’ experience as a senior software engineer. Formerly the Chief Technology Officer at FlexPro Mobile, he holds a bachelor’s degree in Computer Science from Arizona State University.

Here, he has the pivotal responsibility of managing software developers at a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) company. The close-knit, professional team he’s helped assemble, and the processes he’s implemented, form the perfect environment for building software with integrity.

The ABCs of Student Finance

When thinking about ‘the ABCs of Student Finance’ (improving accessibility, reducing student borrowing, driving down the cost of administration), it’s all about reducing borrowing for Jason.

“I really love how our company is working each day to help schools help their students drive down the amount of money they borrow for education,” he says. “We all know that student loan debt is a massive problem facing our society. It feels great to be part of a great team that does great work for society—and does it with cutting-edge technologies.”

Life Beyond the Darkened Dev Den

Outside of managing our growing dev team, Jason is an avid sports enthusiast and participant. He also serves as Scoutmaster for a Boy Scouts of America troop. Married since 1998, he’s the proud/exhausted father of five.

A long-held secret he’s finally okay about sharing: He played trumpet for 10 years and enjoyed being in various Phoenix-area bands.