Is Students’ Trust In Higher Ed Institutes Misplaced?

Is Students’ Trust in Higher Ed Institutes Misplaced?

  • May 19, 2015

Millennials are the most trusting generation, but is this trust misplaced? A recent Gallup study revealed that 44% of Millennials believe their personal information is kept private “all” or “most of the time” by companies they do business with. The…

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Will Customer Service Suffer As Colleges Eliminate Staff?

Will Customer Service Suffer as Colleges Eliminate Staff?

  • May 13, 2015

Higher ed institutions like UW-Madison, Guilford College and Elizabethtown College are eliminating staff and faculty in response to budget cuts. If financial aid department employees are among those lost, an already thin staff may be stretched to close to breaking. According to…

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Getting To Know The Millennial Student: A Crash Course

Getting to Know the Millennial Student: A Crash Course

  • April 27, 2015

Although institutions of higher learning must prioritize academic rigor and student success above all other values, the truth is that colleges and universities are much like any other business: in order to do well (i.e. meet enrollment goals), they need…

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