Challenges & Opportunities For Vertical B2B SaaS Companies

Challenges and Opportunities for Vertical B2B SaaS Companies—A Phoenix Startup Week Presentation

“Don’t apply horizontal sales and marketing strategies to vertical SaaS companies,” said Gregg Scoresby, CEO of CampusLogic, in his 2017 Phoenix Startup Week presentation “Challenges & Opportunities for Vertical B2B SaaS Companies.” Learn Gregg’s views on why it’s an exciting time to be a Vertical SaaS company, the opportunities and challenges ahead, and how he grew CampusLogic’s addressable market.

Vertical B2B SaaS Key Takeaways:

  • Key opportunities for vertical SaaS
    • Sales & marketing efficiency
    • Superior economics
    • Deep data analytics
  • Key challenges for vertical Saas
    • Small markets
    • Domain expertise needed
    • Churn will crush you
  • The CampusLogic Story
  • Principles as opposed to rules

Download the full presentation for more on the bright future ahead for vertical SaaS. Follow @GreggScoresby on Twitter where he often shares about ed tech, SaaS, higher education, and the ABCs of student finance.

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