399 Workbench Is A Port In The PPY Storm For UT-Chattanooga

399 Workbench Is a Port in the PPY Storm for UT-Chattanooga

When the DFA at The University of Tennessee at Chattanooga heard about the potential for headaches arising from conflicting “prior-prior year” income information—she turned to CampusLogic for help. Here’s how her team went from “up to our ears in 399s” to a streamlined, efficient process that helps keep students in school.

Mobile AwardLetter Drives Financial Literacy And Staff Efficiency

Mobile AwardLetter Drives Financial Literacy and Staff Efficiency

“We’ve easily improved our award letter-production efficiency by, at-minimum, 50%,” says Andrea Van Horn Del Vacchio, Director of Financial Aid at Neumann University. Learn how AwardLetter by CampusLogic drastically improves efficiency, student financial literacy, and more.

Cuesta College Reduces FinAid Processing Time By 89 Percent

Cuesta College reduces FinAid processing time by 89 percent

“Enrollment is fighting for every student they can get. Packaging awards earlier puts a student ahead of the game, because they can start planning,” says Patrick Scott, Director of Financial Aid at Cuesta College. And when students can plan earlier, the more likely they are to show up and retain into the next semester. Scott shares his financial aid office's performance wins since transitioning to CampusLogic.

Parents Complete E-sign For FinAid Student Verification In Under 24 Hours

Parents complete E-sign for FinAid student verification in under 24 hours

Joy Kite, Financial Aid Manager, openly admits she wasn’t actively looking for a financial aid solution for Southwest Wisconsin Technical College, and she most definitely didn’t want to outsource. “I didn’t even know that there was software out there that could improve the financial aid process, make it mobile, paperless, more efficient, but still keep it in-house,” she explains. “And then CampusLogic called.”

Online University Increases Financial Aid Completion Rates By 5%

Online University Increases Financial Aid Completion Rates by 5%

Learn how WGU partnered with CampusLogic to improve their financial aid student experience along with departmental efficiencies. "I have a front row seat to the student financial aid issues facing schools today. I believe in CampusLogic’s model of cloud-based self-service solutions that simplify the financial aid process," said Bob Collins, VP of Financial Aid.

242 Of 250 At-risk Students Saved By StudentVerification Text Alerts

242 of 250 at-risk students saved by StudentVerification text alerts

MAC’s paper-based, mailed student verification forms caused general frustrations for financial aid staff and prospective students alike. “Mail was going back and forth four or five times—which meant we were document imaging four or five times,” Sebastian says. “And if out-of-state parents couldn’t come in to sign, it further complicated the process.” Learn how CampusLogic helps.

Community College Reduces Average Verification Processing Time By 95%

Community College Reduces Average Verification Processing Time by 95%

With 70% of students receiving financial aid, Fullerton manages thousands of verifications a year. But with paper-based, manual processes, financial aid verification took 5 to 6 weeks per student and required 8 full-time financial aid staff members to meet demand. Learn how Fullerton uses CampusLogic to Fullerton to reduce verification processing time from 6 weeks to only 48 hours.