Make Your AwardLetter Work Harder, For Everyone.

Learn how leaving behind paper-based, manual processes for cloud-based, personalized solutions can shorten your cycle time in delivering welcome, acceptance, and award letters. CampusLogic’ s modern, mobile, personalized AwardLetter improves enrollment yield, streamlines efficiencies, fosters financial literacy, reduces borrowing, and provides THE BEST student experience. Here’ s how:

+  Mobile: Available on any device 
+  Personalized: Include welcome videos, career resources, and chat
+  Educational: Embed video & resource links drive financial literacy
+  Intuitive: Add hover copy & explanations to help students understand
+  Automated: Digital delivery improves speed to open (versus snail mail)
+  Branded: Your colors, logo, voice, tone
+  Measurable: Receive analytics on open rates and more

Don’t Take Our Word For It:

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Educate. Convert. Reduce Borrowing.

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