California Community Colleges:
Automate Your BOG Appeals

Upcoming changes to the Board of Governor’s (BOG) Fee Waiver program don’t have
to cause extra work for FinAid office employees—or more paperwork for students
seeking to appeal decisions.

A student aid program exclusively for California residents attending California Community Colleges, the Board of Governor’s (BOG) Fee Waiver allows qualified students to waive enrollment fees. Academic eligibility requirements must be met by all students who apply for the BOG Fee Waiver. Academic eligibility requirements must continue to be met by a BOG Fee Waiver recipient in order for the recipient to continue to receive the BOG Fee Waiver.

Make BOG FW Appeals Easier for Staff & Students

Changes to the BOG Fee Waiver program may result in increased appeals from students. Managing the increased appeals will require staff time, and students will be required to send in more paperwork. CampusLogic automates the BOG Fee Waiver appeal process, meaning:
+ Students can initiate appeals via self-service
+ FinAid Office staff can digitally approve or decline appeals
+ Improved efficiency for staff
+ Optimal experience for students: mobile-friendly
Digital format = paperless

Everyone wins: staff, students, and your bottom line.

Think bigger. Offer more.

Financial aid can be awesome, like when you leave behind paper and manual processes and embrace cloud-based, CampusLogic software. Request a live demo tailored just for you.

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