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Block Time to See Ninja-Sleek FinAid in Action

With CampusLogic, more than 450 higher education institutions remove barriers from the student finance journey to give students a faster, more efficient path to enrollment and retention. Meet us in the Lake View Room at the Walt Disney World Swan Resort to learn how easy, mobile, personalized student financial services can help you:

  • Save time and effort: Simplify financial aid reconciliation with AutoRecon (now part of CampusMetrics) automatically analyzing financial disbursements between the Department of Education, your institution, and your students.
  • Streamline scholarship management: Deliver a student-first, holistic, mobile scholarship experience—and one source for ALL scholarships.
  • Bridge the gap between financial aid and enrollment: More than 3 million students drop out of higher education every year due to financial constraints. Easy, mobile, personalized services are the solution.

Building Bridges Along the Student Financial Services Journey

Today, financial aid and enrollment professionals are more successful at recruiting and retaining students when they collaborate. CampusLogic helps you bridge internal gaps across campus to create a better student experience—and a much more effective #FinAidNinja staff.

Why Ninjas?

Ninjas are known for their unique skill level forged through years of training and life experiences. Like you, they’re cool in the face of adversity—or in your case, compliance. They’re also steadfast problem solvers, much like how you work hard to make financial aid awesome for students and parents.

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