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CampusLogic Unveils SMS Notification Capability


Colleges Now Able to Send Financial Aid Updates to Students Via Text Message

Phoenix, Ariz. (January 9, 2015) CampusLogic, financial aid software-as-a-service provider and creator of StudentVerification, has launched a product upgrade that will drastically reduce financial aid processing time. This newest feature gives students the option of receiving SMS notifications regarding steps in the verification process.

Data shows the open rate for text messages is 98 percent and 9 out of 10 texts are read within 3 minutes. Email open rate lags significantly behind at 22 percent. This revolution in CampusLogic’s flagship product StudentVerification will enable faster and more effective communication between schools and students during the verification process.

“We are always looking to shorten the cycle time for verification,” says Chris Chumley, CampusLogic COO. “We have already reduced processing times by 50 to 90 percent for our clients; with SMS, we believe we can shorten it even more.”

Previously, students receive notifications via email, but schools were missing out on the opportunity for more effective communication with students by providing a choice of medium. Now the financial aid department can reach students wherever they (and their mobiles) are, effectively reducing response time for verification requests and confirmations.

“Given the choice of how they want to be notified, students benefit from a better service experience, and the institution spends less time on following up with students,” explains Chumley.

CampusLogic strives to deliver product updates that consistently outpace industry standards.

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