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CampusLogic’s Financial Aid Self-Service Platform More Secure Than IRS


Two-step Authentication Feature Keeps Student Information Safe on StudentVerification

Phoenix, Ariz. (June 10, 2015) As the organized crime of hacking grows more sophisticated, businesses that deal with sensitive information must increase security measures to stay ahead of breach tactics. Security is a top priority for financial aid self-service software provider, CampusLogic. This month, CampusLogic will release a two-step authentication system to ensure that student and parent records are only accessed by the owners of such records – a measure security experts say the IRS should have taken to prevent the recent breach of more than 100,000 tax records.

“It’s another layer of security that we feel is crucial in light of the sensitive information our system handles and the increasingly intricate schemes to subvert passwords,” said Chris Chumley, CampusLogic COO. “Protecting student data is a big concern for us and for the schools that use our platform.”

Two-step authentication (also called multifactor authentication) requires more than one method of authentication from independent categories to verify the user’s identity. This means when a student or parent logs into StudentVerification from a new device, the system will send an authentication request to their email or phone with a code. The user is then required to input the code into the system.

This isn’t the first time CampusLogic has taken proactive measures to prevent identity theft and keep client information safe. In February, CampusLogic added an IP-reporting feature to StudentVerification that enables schools to combat student aid fraud by monitoring suspicious login patterns.

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