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Purdue University Unveils New Technology Initiative to Improve Student Financial Aid Process

One of the nation’s most innovative universities partners with CampusLogic to make financial aid simple, mobile, and personalized


PHOENIX—Purdue University, today, announced a partnership with CampusLogic, the only student financial aid engagement platform, to increase aid accessibility for students and drive down the cost of financial aid administration.

“Our mission at Purdue is to help students and families find ways to eliminate financial barriers to a Purdue education,” said Ted Malone, Executive Director of Purdue’s Division of Financial Aid. “We believe technology can bring greater simplicity and transparency to the financial aid process, improving students’ and families’ ability to pay for a college education.”

Purdue University has been part of the U.S Department of Education’s Quality Assurance program, which previously gave institutions like Purdue flexibility in how they verify applicants for Title IV federal student aid. On average, QA schools are 10 times the size of non-participating institutions. This means that even a minimal increase in the percentage of students selected for verification can have a significant impact on the school, potentially resulting in thousands more verifications.

“With the end of the federal Quality Assurance program, we anticipate a significant increase in FAFSA verifications,” said Malone. “Ensuring that there are efficient procedures in place for students is critical when trying to keep verification review cycle times down. CampusLogic will make our QA transition easier—and help us stand out from the crowd in the delivery of efficient, effective financial aid services.”

Through the partnership with CampusLogic, Purdue will take the entire financial aid process mobile, so students will:

  • Use survey-style data collection to autogenerate verification forms.
  • Be guided through personalized student task lists based on dependency status, verification group, C Codes, and DRT flags.
  • Upload required documents from any mobile device.

More than 400 financial aid offices across the country use CampusLogic to increase accessibility and reduce borrowing while cutting financial aid administration costs.

“Our mission is to help schools change lives by improving student engagement and reducing friction in the financial aid process,” said Gregg Scoresby, Founder and CEO of CampusLogic. “We’re excited to partner with a university that has such an incredible track record of innovating on the behalf of students and families.”

Purdue University is a founding member of the University Innovation Alliance, a group of 11 public research universities that work together to scale innovations that improve student success. The university has also received national attention for establishing one of the first Income Share Agreement financing options for students, which allows them to reduce debt by paying a percentage of their post-graduation income over a set number of years.

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