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Seminole State College to Offer Easy, Mobile, Personalized Student Financial Services

New partnership with CampusLogic streamlines financial aid processes for students, families, and staff  


SANFORD, FL—Seminole State College, today, announced a new partnership with CampusLogic, the only platform to deliver easy, mobile, personalized student financial services. With this partnership, Seminole State College will simplify financial aid processes for students, families, and staff by streamlining the financial aid experience, while also reducing paperwork and administrative costs for the institution’s financial aid office.

The complexity of the financial aid experience is a well-documented challenge nationwide—too often, complicated, manual, generic financial aid processes create barriers to student enrollment and retention. Seminole State’s partnership with CampusLogic addresses these challenge by automating all financial aid forms with online workflow, triggers, e-signature, and management to make the entire financial aid experience quick and simple—for staff and students.

“Simplifying financial aid has been a key focus at Seminole State—we believe strongly that navigating the financial aid process should not be a barrier for prospective or current students,” said Roseann Amato, Director of Financial Aid at Seminole State College. “CampusLogic brings much-needed clarity and efficiency to the work of our financial aid office, helping us provide students with faster, more personalized support and guidance.”

Designed for today’s college students, nearly 90 percent of whom use smartphones, CampusLogic provides online task management, secure document upload from any device, built-in e-signature, and automated text message and email reminders to guide students through financial aid processes. All forms are pre-filled and personalized to each student’s situation to ensure accurate and complete information submission the first time.

“With manual financial aid administration, managing such a high volume of information can backlog the financial aid office for days or even weeks—taking up critical time which could otherwise be used to provide support and advising to the students who need it most,” said Gregg Scoresby, Founder and CEO of CampusLogic. “Technology plays a critical role in transforming student financial services by freeing up time for financial aid advisors and making the financial aid process easy and accessible for students.”

Based in Sanford, Florida, Seminole State College serves more than 30,000 full-time and part-time students across four campuses.

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CampusLogic transforms the way higher education delivers student financial services with the first—and only—unified platform. Easy. Mobile. Personalized. CampusLogic’s innovative software means more students can access aid—and the education it pays for, make better decisions that reduce borrowing, and easily navigate student finance with less staff burden and cost. More than 400 schools serving 1.4 million students improve enrollment yield, process efficiencies, and student satisfaction by removing barriers across the student journey from initial college search through graduation. For more information visit www.campuslogic.com. 

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