Modern, Mobile, Easy to Understand.

When it comes to deciding where to attend school, your award letter is often the deciding factor. Provide everything a student needs to make a confident purchase decision. CampusLogic’s AwardLetter fosters informed, responsible student decisions about college costs through an easy, mobile, personalized award letter.

Does Your Award Letter Inspire Confidence or Confusion?

CampusLogic’s easy, mobile, personalized AwardLetter is understandable and clear with intuitive design, hover text explanations, dynamic video, and personalized content.


No Paper. No Limits.

Forget about the limitations of paper. With AwardLetter, you can embed video, link to additional resources, and provide help and explanations along the way.


What You Get.


Delivery Is a Snap.

Choose from multiple AwardLetter templates. Create different AwardLetters for student and program types. AwardLetters are delivered automatically, with your school's branding. Tracking and reporting provides open and click through rates to help you understand usage and behavior.

“Over the years, our students have reported having trouble understanding their award letter or even finding their award letter within the student portal, as well as deciphering what it all means, which leads to questions at the counter and phone calls. We were impressed by the ability to embed videos, provide useful and relevant information on a single screen, and in a format that is intuitive to today’s learner.”

Greg Ryan
Director of Financial Aid at Fullerton Community College

“One of CampusLogic’s software solutions [AwardLetter] is a driving force behind WGU’s extremely successful Responsible Borrowing Initiative. The Initiative allowed us to reduce WGU student borrowing by $93 million the first year, even while our enrollment grew by 18 percent.”

Bob Collins
Vice President of Western Governors University