Transparent True Cost Drives Enrollment.

A degree has never been more valuable. Understanding the costs has never felt more complex. When students can’t connect your school’s value to your sticker price, they may disengage. The NPC by CampusLogic connects students to degree costs and financial aid eligibility at a personal level, across all years. True cost, student-by-student.

Provide Students the Industry’s Best NPC.

CampusLogic’s NPC vividly demonstrates your university’s unique value at a crucial point of exploration. Customized NPC questions, calculations, and look-and-feel ensure you gather the necessary data to communicate personalized value, empower informed decisions, and deliver enrollment results.

Reach Students the Right Way, Right Away.

Impersonal, vague communications around cost of attendance stall student progress. Engage with prospective students one-on-one from the moment they show interest, providing comprehensive multi-year cost information that drives confident student decisions. Real-time, mobile; the way students want it.