Welcome to Self-Service FAFSA Verification.

Say goodbye to paper. There's a better way -- for you and your students.


Ditch the Paper. Automate Verification.

Long lines, paperwork, and snail mail don't work for anyone. Get into self-service verification. Our cloud-based platform works with every SIS to make verification modern, mobile, and smart.

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Reduce verification processing time by up to 90%

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Award students 75% faster

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Reduce incoming verification inquiries by 65%

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Grow enrollment by 2 to 10% by getting more students through verification

Automation = Less Effort = More Awesome.

CampusLogic’s StudentVerification software is like strapping a rocket booster to your verification process, reducing processing time by a huge 90%. What’s in it for you? Easy online management for verification, c codes, and professional judgements. And, an oh-so-intuitive-you-can’t-believe-it portal to manage it all.


Less Document Chasing. More Student Counseling.

Don't spend your time chasing down documents. We automate
student reminders and notifications, sending emails or text
messages, so you can spend precious time on other activities.



Get More Students Through the Door and Into the Classroom.

Your students want mobile and online choices to make verification faster. Give them both with easy management of verification tasks , document upload, and e-signature.


Zero to Live in 10 Days.

Forget about IT-heavy software implementations. Our software was born in the cloud, so you get efficiency and simplicity built in. You’ll be up and running in ten days from kickoff to website configuration, with minimal IT help.

“StudentForms brings our verification processing online, which is clearly a space our families are familiar with, and it should help us improve how we communicate with families and how quickly and accurately we can serve them.”

Nick Jenkins
Director of Financial Aid at Lenoir-Rhyne University

“I am thrilled to partner with CampusLogic as we seek to streamline our verification process and move toward a paperless student financial services environment. I am very much looking forward to having nearly 1,500 less pieces of paper come into my office for the 2015/16 cycle.”

Kenneth Ferreira
Executive Director of Student Financial Services at Franklin Pierce University

“Thanks so much for introducing us to this “age of technology” solution. Students are much more responsive to online and it has saved us time and resources not mailing paper forms to complete”

Kim Stonecipher
Director of Financial Aid at Stephens College

“Northwest was looking to simplify the verification process for our students by giving them control over the document submission process and giving our financial aid counselors more time to award aid. CampusLogic’s StudentForms product made that possible.”

Terry Bland
Former Director of Financial Aid at Northwest Mississippi Community College

“It used to be all hands on deck, with all 8 staff doing verification.  Now, not only have we reduced the processing time, but only 3 staff are doing verification, allowing me to re-deploy the other five to work on other assignments.”

Greg Ryan
Director of Financial Aid at Fullerton College