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WEBINAR: Break Through Budget Barriers

Pop quiz: What’s more likely? A) Budget cuts or B) a massive infusion of new funding. Asking for money to buy technology is hard. Learn how to develop a strategy that brings budget and benefits clearly into focus with advice from our guest panelists who’ve done it successfully!

Industry Experts
  • Mike Miller, Assistant Vice Chancellor of Enrollment Services, University of California-Santa Barbara
  • Jennifer Buckles, Director of Financial Aid, The University of Tennessee-Chattanooga
  • Andrea Caputo, Program Manager—Quality Assurance & Compliance, Cuyahoga Community College
Learn more about:
  • Getting what you want even during times of budget cuts
  • Building—and socializing—your business case
  • Acknowledging budget anxiety
  • Reaching Gen Zers with authenticity, simplicity, mobility
  • Why your staff and students want you to invest in SFS Tech


All attendees will receive our exclusive Ebook, “Break Through Budget Barriers,” along with our SFS Technology Buyer’s Checklist.

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