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Finding budget for new student financial services technology can seem impossible.

You know you’re losing potential students as they struggle through the financial aid maze—trying to understand the cost of attendance, spending countless hours searching for relevant scholarships, deciphering award letters, and dealing with all those FinAid forms. Even more frustrating: When you’ve found technology that solves these challenges—but you’re frozen by budget anxiety.

On Thursday, March 29, this webinar will show you how to break through budget barriers by building a solid business case. You really can get the technology you need (even when it seems impossible).

Learn more about:
  • Building a compelling business case that wins you budget
  • What to look for when selecting SFS Technology
  • Incorporating strategies your colleagues have used to help them get the funding they needed
Guest speakers include:
  • Jennifer Buckles, Director of Financial Aid, University of Tennessee at Chattanooga
  • Andrea Caputo, Program Manager—Quality Assurance & Compliance, Cuyahoga Community College
  • Mike Miller, Assistant Vice Chancellor of Enrollment Services, University of California-Santa Barbara

All attendees will receive our ebook, “How to Break Through Budget Barriers,” along with our SFS Technology Buyer’s Checklist.

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