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CampusVue FA Optimization

CampusVue is an extraordinarily powerful student information system. Many of our clients implement CampusVue and use it to perform basic functions, barely scratching the surface of its use, and never fully tapping into its capabilities as a process management tool. The reason is simple; the technology can only work with business input, and the business cannot provide input because it does not know everything the technology can do.

Without being fully oriented on all of the functionality, uses, and benefits to utilizing CampusVue’s financial aid module in an efficient way, it can quickly become messy, hard for users to manage, and difficult to administrate.

Through our partnership with Campus Management, all of our resources have extensive CampusVue training. CampusLogic offers CampusVue optimization services, ensuring your financial aid processes and technology are aligned for optimum efficiency.
Our optimization services can strengthen the relationship between your process and technology by providing:

  • An assessment of your financial aid processes and procedures
  • A review of your current CampusVue financial aid configuration
  • Recommendations to marry your financial aid process and CampusVue configuration
  • Implementation of recommendations (configuration, documentation updates, training, etc.)

See what our clients have to say:

“We were ready to abandon our student information system, but CampusLogic showed us how to properly design our processes and configure our software to maximize our return on investment.” – Director of Financial Aid

“Our school has smart people, good processes, and powerful technology, but it seemed like all three were working against each other. CampusLogic showed us how to design, integrate, and measure the performance of our people, processes, and technology, so that we can get the most of all three.” – VP of Finance