Fullerton College to Simplify Award Letters & Reduce Student Over-Borrowing


Fullerton College Implements Digital and Dynamic AwardLetter

Phoenix, Ariz. (May 4, 2015) – After reducing financial aid office operational costs by half using CampusLogic’s StudentVerification product, Fullerton College has signed up for AwardLetter, a dynamic and digital award letter platform that increases enrollment and decreases student over-borrowing.

“We have been very satisfied with StudentVerification and therefore were excited to look at CampusLogic’s new AwardLetter product,” said Greg Ryan, Fullerton College Director of Financial Aid. “Fullerton College looked at many vendors and ultimately chose CampusLogic for their ease of use and customer service.”

With U.S. student debt surpassing $1.2 trillion, colleges and universities are more focused than ever on finding ways to help students borrow less. Fullerton College actively surveys students, scrutinizes processes and reviews their financial aid system as a whole to find ways to improve the student experience, reduce over-borrowing and of course, boost enrollment.

“Over the years, our students have reported having trouble understanding their award letter or even finding their award letter within the student portal, as well as deciphering what it all means, which leads to questions to at the counter and phone calls,” said Ryan.

With AwardLetter, Fullerton staff is able to better educate students and improve their understanding of the award letter contents. This guides students to borrow responsibly, instead of just accepting the entire amount they’re awarded.

While many schools still send out paper award letters, Fullerton will send out digital award letters, viewable on any device at any time with advanced tracking to see who has or hasn’t opened their letters. This cuts operational costs, enables advanced features like video, and allows Fullerton to reach more students and their parents where they are: on mobile devices and computers.

“We were impressed by the ability to embed videos, provide useful and relevant information on a single screen, and in a format that is intuitive to today’s learner,” said Ryan.

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