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Students are lost in complicated student financial success communications. From financial aid notifications to debt letters and scholarship information, things can be so confusing that nearly 3 million students drop out of school every year for reasons related to finances. CampusCommunicator changes all that.

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Automated FinAid Communications That WORK

Financial aid language can be complicated. CampusCommunicator simplifies everything, meeting students where they are (literally) with the information they need in the moment. From financial aid notifications to scholarship announcements, learn how CampusCommunicator’s text, video, and dynamic email templates drive understanding.

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Create Efficiencies

When you automate financial aid processes and communications, you’ll eliminate archaic barriers for students like waiting in line, waiting for mail, and waiting for answers.

  • Deliver targeted communications with personalized messaging across the student finance journey
  • Embed dynamic explainer video and related resources to promote financial wellness
  • Reduce time and money spent on production and management through automated delivery
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Drive Enrollment

Help students feel confident about making important financial decisions by providing clear financial aid award packages.

  • Enable a self-guided journey for students, freeing up your time to focus on high-need student situations
  • Set clear, actionable next steps for students in the finance journey
  • Battle summer fatigue by using your student financial success templates to communicate regularly with students

Customer Testimonials

Kutztown University Logo

I do a lot of generational research and with Gen Z, a lot is being done by the parents, so we need a way to ensure the information is getting to both. CampusCommunicator provides that to us because we send it to parent emails, student emails, and through texts. It’s reaching them in all the possible ways.

Johnee Border
Customer Communications Specialist
Kutztown University
Concordia St Paul Logo

It was just such an obvious win...being able to get more information to students faster, with links, and via mobile. It was a no-brainer.

Kristin Vogel
Associate Vice President for Traditional
Enrollment Management,
Concordia University — St. Paul
Fullerton College Logo

Over the years, our students have reported having trouble understanding their award letter or even finding their award letter within the student portal, as well as deciphering what it all means, which leads to questions at the counter and phone calls. We were impressed by the ability CampusCommunicator has to embed videos, provide useful and relevant information on a single screen, and in a format that is intuitive to today’s learner.

Greg Ryan
Director of Financial Aid,
Fullerton College

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Financial aid notifications are the gateway to $240 billion in federal and state funding for higher education. Read on for ways to make them more informative, less confusing, and more engaging!

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