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Intuitive Scholarship Matching

Minimize search fatigue and maximize dollars with advanced scholarship management.

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Clear the path to higher enrollment and retention
with intuitive scholarship matching

Imagine your students had access to a one-stop shop that vetted, verified and matched relevant scholarship opportunities for them, while centralizing decentralized processes for staff. It sounds like a parallel universe. Actually, it sounds like ScholarshipUniverse. Our platform combines adaptive matching, automated communications and an unmatched volume of internal and external award opportunities to create a fatigue-free experience for students.
ScholarshipUniverse Key Benefits
  • Intuitive matching eliminates scholarship search fatigue
  • Customizable scoring and ranking templates accelerate internal reviews and awarding
  • Automated communications and alerts save time and streamline staff work

What Results Can I Expect from

Expected Results 01

Portland State University Introduces a New Digital Student Experience with CampusLogic’s ScholarshipUniverse and VirtualAdvisor

“Creating a student-centric platform with this combination of CampusLogic products, gives PSU students the advantage of enhanced access to vetted, verified scholarship opportunities and an integrated multilingual virtual assistant to solve financial aid questions faster,” said Amanda Bierbrauer, Associate Vice President for Enrollment Management & Student Finances at PSU.
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Reduced Aid Barriers

Purdue Fort Wayne's aid office reduced barriers to accessing
aid while streamling scholarship management for their entire
student population of more than 10,000.
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Expected Results 02
Expected Results 03

Soaring Student Adoption

ScholarshipUniverse supported more than 9,000 UCSB students
as they explored verified, fully vetted scholarship opportunities.
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Stop Searching, Start Matching

Empower students with an all-in-one scholarship database that includes internal and external
funding opportunities.
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Maximize engagement

Adaptive matching enables students to prioritize right-fit scholarship
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Streamline scholarship reviews

Personalize your institution’s ranking system to create efficiencies
and maximize awarding.
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Close gaps

Increase aid access by providing more fully vetted external award

Bundle ScholarshipUniverse to
help unlock every dollar

Our products work magic individually, but they provide even
more benefits when you put them together. The Unlock Funding Plan increases
aid utilization for students while decreasing tedious, manual processes for staff.

How This Plan Helps

  • Increase financial aid completion rates by simplifying and digitizing your processes
  • Reduce administrative overhead and repetitive student questions with dynamic information
  • Personalized conversations ensure access for those who need it most
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What’s Included In this Plan

Campus Communicator Icon
Clarifying Engagement Tool
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Streamlined Scholarship Management
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AI-Powered Advising Platform

ScholarshipUniverse in Action

ScholarshipUniverse Action
Michigan Association of Community Colleges

MACC Partners with CampusLogic to Streamline Student Financial Success

“Making college equitable and accessible has been a long-standing priority for Michigan’s Community Colleges.” — Michael Hansen, President of MACC

Get ScholarshipUniverse

Increase fund utilization and access for students
with scholarship matching.

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