Drive Student Adoption of Your New Technology with These Promotional Assets

Your institution now offers easy, mobile, and personalized student financial services. Next step: Drive adoption by getting word out to your students across multiple channels. Get started with these assets.

Mobile Financial

Social Media

Assets to help you communicate with students on social media channels.

Facebook Images Twitter Images Facebook & Twitter Copy Suggestions


Assets in varying sizes to upload to your student portal and micro-sites as needed.

Campaign 1 – Gone Mobile PNGs Campaign 2 – You’re In Charge PNGs Campaign 3 – We Listened (#MicDrop) PNGs Campaign 4 – No, Really! PNGs
Mobile Financial Aid
Student RolloutKit Flyer


Assets in two sizes for you to print and hand out or hang up in high traffic areas.

Option 1 – General Option 2 – General + Text Alerts

All resources provided are as starting points. Please confirm that any resource used meets your compliance standards.

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