“The thing that makes us cry with happiness is the validation with the forms. It’s funny, because I think back to the ridiculously tedious excel sheets and lists we kept before, and I shake my head,” says Patrick Scott, Director of Financial Aid at Cuesta College.

Case Studies

Case Studies

Case Studies 01

StudentForms Launches with 300% Improvement in Verification Rate at Sinclair Community College

Sinclair Community College massively improves completed verifications after switching from outsourcing to StudentForms.

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Case Studies 01

StudentForms Reduces Document Collection Efforts by 99.5% at Seminole State College of Florida

StudentForms by CampusLogic improves verification cycle time from months to days at Seminole State College of Florida.

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Case Studies 01

D’Youville College Increases Scholarship Applications with ScholarshipUniverse

ScholarshipUniverse gives D’Youville students a tailored, mobile-friendly scholarship search experience all in one place.

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Case Studies 21

SponsoredScholar’s Tuition Crowdfunding Boosts Retention at Neumann University

Unexpected expenses can cause students to drop out or go deeper into debt, but at Neumann University, students can use SponsoredScholar to tap into social connections and bridge funding gaps.

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Case Studies 01

Student-Centric Verification Drives 400% Improvement at JSU

Jacksonville State University reduced verification cycle time from weeks to hours thanks to StudentForms by CampusLogic.

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Case Studies 02

How CSU East Bay Kicked Financial Aid Backlog—and Burnout—to the Curb

CSU East Bay is using CampusLogic to drive student success & get their financial aid office out of the weeds. “We’re able to meet with students more…launch more outreach campaigns…do more workshops.”

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Case Studies 03

Sewanee Eliminates Financial Aid Complexity And Drives Student Financial Success with CampusLogic

CampusLogic student financial success platform key to eliminating financial aid complexity across verification and notifications at Sewanee.

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Case Studies 04

Mobile-Friendly, Paperless Financial Aid Drives Student Success at Utica College

Students and financial aid professionals at Utica College benefit from mobile-friendly, paperless communication with StudentForms from CampusLogic.

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Case Studies 05

Personalized AwardLetter Unifies 19 Campuses at Ivy Tech

Sending upwards of 20,000 paper award letters a year, Ivy Tech needed a better solution to standardize student comms across 19 campuses.

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Case Studies 06

Paperless FinAid Means a Better Experience for Staff and Students

Your provost wants the campus to go paperless. But reams of paper FinAid forms keep coming. Here’s how D’Youville supports sustainability while improving student financial services.

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Case Studies 07

How UCSB Normalized the FinAid Experience for Dream Act Students

Leadership at University of California-Santa Barbara struggled to normalize the FinAid process for students covered under the California Dream Act. Then, StudentForms rolled out a Cal ISIR process.

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Case Studies 08

UCSB Blown Away by Swift, Seamless Implementation and SIS Integration

Seeking to support an ‘unprecedented enrollment surge,’ the UCSB Assistant Vice Chancellor for Enrollment Services tapped CampusLogic. He's never looked back.

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Case Studies 10

Mobile FinAid Leaves Outsourcing Results in the Dust

Frustrated by ineffective outsourcing, North Central Texas College (NCTC) discovered CampusLogic in 2016 and brought its FinAid processes back in-house—improving processing times by 30%.

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Case Studies 11

Record-Breaking Student Verification Day at California Baptist University—With an Asterisk*

In one 12-hour period in 2016, California Baptist University (CBU) Financial Aid Technician Shane Paulson singlehandedly processed 300 student verifications. Here’s how this personal best happened:

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Case Studies 12

Rising Enrollment at CBU: A Wonderful Problem to Have

California Baptist University implemented CampusLogic in early 2015. “Now, we have quick turnarounds and great transparency,” says Director of Financial Aid Josh Morey.

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Case Studies 13

Mobile AwardLetter Improves Efficiency by 90% at Concordia University, St. Paul

Concordia University, St. Paul sends mobile AwardLetters to 100% of aid recipients & improved process efficiencies by 90%.

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Case Studies 14

399 Workbench Is a Port in the PPY Storm for UT-Chattanooga

Here’s how the FinAid team at UT-Chattanooga went from “up to our ears in 399s” to a streamlined, efficient process that helps keep students in school.

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Case Studies 15

Mobile AwardLetter Drives Financial Literacy and Staff Efficiency

“We’ve easily improved our award letter-production efficiency by, at-minimum, 50%,” says Andrea Van Horn Del Vacchio, Director of Financial Aid at Neumann University.

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Case Studies 16

Cuesta College Reduces FinAid Processing Time by 89%

“Enrollment is fighting for every student they can get. Packaging awards earlier puts a student ahead of the game,” says Patrick Scott, Director of Financial Aid at Cuesta College.

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Case Studies 17

Shift from Manual to Digital FinAid Saves Time, Wins SWTC Campus Approval

Joy Kite, Financial Aid Manager, wasn’t looking for a financial aid solution for Southwest Wisconsin Technical College. “I didn’t know there was software that could improve the financial aid process."

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