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Building Shared Services to Transform the Student Experience—An Ellucian Live 2017 Presentation

Building Shared Services to Transform the Student Experience—our Ellucian Live 2017 session in Orlando on March 20—featured Rich Loftus, Associate Vice Chancellor for Student Enrollment Services at the University System of Georgia (USG), and CampusLogic CEO Gregg Scoresby. Experts in their respective fields, Rich and Gregg walked through the philosophy behind USG’s shared services concept—and how the CampusLogic Platform helped USG meet its goals.

Key Ellucian Live 2017 Presentation Takeaways:

OneUSG Initiative

  • System-wide initiative standardized policies, streamlined procedures, and uncovered technology solutions that benefit each school in unique ways
  • 28 institutions; 320,000 students

Student Success: “North Star” for USG

  • Everything USG does is focused on student success
  • Each institution retains its individuality

Transforming Financial Aid Processes

  • Improves the student experience even more—and can increase enrollment yield.
  • Cloud-based CampusLogic platform enables centralized efficiencies while remaining school-centric
  • Eliminates bottlenecks
  • Reduces risk; maintains compliance standards
  • Solves for staffing fluctuations and heavy processing times
  • Enables smaller schools to take advantage of custom forms and templates
  • Students wanted—and got—a self-service FinAid system

Change Management: Ongoing Process at USG

  • Get buy-in from school, staff and students
  • Show proof of concept from original beta schools
  • Demonstrate cutting-edge technology that students and staff need

Download our Ellucian Live 2017 Presentation here >