We Make Financial Aid Awesome.

CampusLogic's purpose is to "Help Schools Change Lives." We do that by making financial aid awesome for schools and students through extraordinary software. With more than 400 colleges and universities using CampusLogic, we help higher ed deliver a simple financial aid experience at a fraction of the time and budget institutions spend today.

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End-to-end Student Financial Aid Engagement.

Increase accessibility to education, reduce student borrowing, and drive down the cost of financial aid administration with the only true end-to-end student financial aid engagement platform by CampusLogic. Easy. Mobile. Personalized. We solve for the student journey, not just one engagement point.


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Make better decisions with finaid insights from CampusMetrics

Your Passion for Financial Aid Drives Us.

You got into FinAid to make a difference in people’s lives, and you do. Every day, you do. Your job isn’t easy, and you’re often the face of a system that can be viewed as frustrating and complicated. Your passion and commitment to student success is what motivates us to create solutions that make your life easier.