Cyber Security

Hackers want the information FinAid has: protect it

Educational Services ranks third on the list of Top 10 Sub-Sectors Breached by Number of Incidents, according to Symantec’s Internet Security Threat Report published April 2016. When it comes to the Top 10 Sub-Sectors Breached by Number of Identities Exposed, Educational Services ranks ninth, with more than five million identities exposed. For students, parents, and employees involved in a data breach incident, it can mean that sensitive information is now available to hackers worldwide.

Top information exposed in a breach

  • Real names – 78%
  • Home addresses – 44%
  • Birth dates – 41%
  • Government ID (e.g. SSN) – 38%
  • Medical records – 36%
  • Financial information – 33%
  • Email addresses – 21%
  • Phone numbers – 19%
  • Insurance – 13%
  • User names and passwords – 11%

Protect your FinAid office data

The number one cause of data breaches is, no surprise, attackers. But the number two cause is ‘accidentally made public.’ Ensure your staff know best-practices in terms of keeping Financial Aid Office data safe with our complimentary cybersecurity resources.

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