We Love Our Customers and They Know It

“Showing love for our customers shows our love for the industry. By listening to customers and helping to make financial aid offices more effective and efficient, we have a great opportunity to impact students’ lives. I’ve stayed in financial aid because I want to help students succeed and better their lives through higher education.”
—Amy Glynn, VP of Financial Aid & Community Initiatives

We mean it when we say “built by FinAid pros for FinAid pros,” and Amy is proof. She joined the CampusLogic executive team in 2013, after working nearly 10 years in Financial Aid offices around the country—from Albany to Albuquerque.

While many of our coworkers also have experience in processing or servicing financial aid, Amy is our “spirit guide” in all FinAid compliance and community matters. She holds a bachelor’s degree in English Secondary Education from The College of St. Rose and a master’s degree in Higher Education from Walden University.

Staying True to Financial Aid

A prolific writer and speaker, Amy regularly advocates for her FinAid colleagues. “They have a difficult job—trying to balance federal, state, and institutional regulations and policies while serving their students,” she says. “They’re very compassionate individuals.”

The ABCs of Student Finance

When thinking about ‘the ABCs of Student Finance’ (improving accessibility, reducing student borrowing, driving down the cost of administration), Amy says, “It is not possible to pick just one.” She continues: “We need to have these three pillars in place if we want to fix the currently crippled Financial Aid industry. Everyone needs to embrace all three—and apply them to all aspects of the college and university system—in order to positively impact student outcomes.”