Streamline Scholarship Management with the Only Complete Solution

More than 3 million students drop out of college each year due to financial constraints. One reason: Disorganized scholarships. ScholarshipUniverse helps you increase accessibility and retention by closing student funding gaps, improve scholarship fund utilization, and bring outside funds to your institution through vetted external scholarships.

Complete Scholarship Management from Matching to Awarding.

Flexible enough to meet the needs of decentralized processes across colleges, departments, and foundations, ScholarshipUniverse streamlines all aspects of scholarship management and automates follow-up communications. And, like the entire CampusLogic student financial services platform, ScholarshipUniverse is designed to extend the value of your Student Information System.

The Value of Student Success: Priceless

Student success—and student satisfaction—are always top-of-mind for your stakeholders. Our continuously updated institutional and vetted external database increases funding opportunities for all students. They’re guided to highly relevant scholarship opportunities thanks to an adaptive matching engine. Fully integrated with your CampusLogic platform, student data is utilized throughout the scholarship process, saving students time and ensuring accuracy (which saves you time).

What You Get.

“With ScholarshipUniverse, we’re improving accessibility to education, reducing the amount some UA students owe, and providing the best student experience.”

—Rebekah Salcedo, Director, Office of Scholarships & Financial Aid, The University of Arizona