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Student Information Is Safe with CampusLogic

Hackers see colleges as a target. Breaches continue to put student’s sensitive information at risk.

Our industry-changing student financial services platform provides a world-class level of infrastructure security at a price colleges and universities may not otherwise be able to afford. We use the Microsoft Azure cloud platform, a leader in its commitment to the protection and privacy of data and services. It assures easy and cost-efficient key management, that data is well-encrypted at rest and in transit, and that all third-party security certifications are met.

Mailed and Emailed Documents Aren't Secure

Don't assume older, paper-based, manual processes make sense in today’s tech-driven world. Mailed-in paper copies, faxes, and unencrypted email are security concerns. CampusLogic secures and automates your financial aid documents, while providing the easy, mobile experience students crave.

Ready to see how you can secure and automate your financial aid docs and offer an easy, mobile, personalized experience?

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