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Mobile, interactive, and student-centric, CampusCommunicator (formerly AwardLetter) empowers more effective communications across the student financial success lifecycle.

“CampusCommunicator incorporates the wealth of feedback we’ve received from our customers regarding how personalized digital communications improve student comprehension,” says CEO Gregg Scoresby.

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Crush Award Letter Confusion

Financial aid notifications are the gateway to $240 billion in federal and state funding for higher education. Read on for ways to make them more informative, less confusing, and more engaging!

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CampusLogic Data Report Outlines Clear Disparity in Student Award Letter Comprehension

CampusLogic surveyed 1,000 students, 750 parents & 230 financial aid experts, asking them to share the terminology & dollar amounts they found unclear, as well as why, on financial aid notifications

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CampusCommunicator a Swiss Army Knife for Simplification

CampusLogic releases CampusCommunicator (formerly AwardLetter) with a focus on the product’s extended capabilities that simplify and clarify financial aid offers and drive student financial success.

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