Reimagine Student
Financial Success

Stop struggling with complicated student financial success processes that don’t meet students’ digital, mobile demands. When students disengage, they drop out of the financial aid process altogether—more than 40% of accepted students leave every year for reasons related to finances. Disengagement and confusion lowers your enrollment yield, retention, and student satisfaction.

It doesn’t have to be this way. Reimagine student financial success with CampusLogic.

Success Stories

Student Financial Success Starts Here.
Improve Enrollment Yield.

  • Icon Check Deliver digital, mobile student finance communications
  • Icon Check Make better decisions with instant financial aid insights
  • Icon Check Improve cost and value transparency
  • Icon Check Streamline scholarship management
  • Icon Check Bridge student funding gaps 24/7
  • Icon Check Simplify financial aid processes
  • Icon Check Provide students with 24/7 digital assistance

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What Our Customers Say

While the self-service model has been successful across other departments, CampusLogic is the first to bring it to financial aid, delivering a platform that securely transforms the way our students engage with financial aid.

Bob Collins
Vice President
Western Governors University

CampusLogic has provided us with innovative and time-saving software solutions to streamline important processes. This has allowed us to more effectively meet our students’ needs and free up valuable time for staff to focus on other important areas.

Valerie Patnaude
Director of Financial Aid
Rivier University

It used to be all hands on deck, with all 8 staff doing verification. Now, not only have we reduced the processing time, but only 3 staff are doing verification, allowing me to re-deploy the other five to work on other assignments.

Greg Ryan
Director of Financial Aid
Fullerton College

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