Financial Aid Automation

Automating Everyday Tasks Has Never
Been Easier or More Important

Reduce manual, redundant processes. Free up time to focus on helping students.

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Unlock The Full Potential of Your Financial
Aid Department

Your financial aid team are heroes. But they can't do heroic work when they're bogged down
with tedious, time consuming tasks. Automating financial aid processes is a force multiple
for your financial aid office, and removes financial friction for students. Get more done,
faster, and get more students in the door.
How We Help Free Up Your Team
Less Paperwork

Less Paperwork

Say goodbye to stacks of paper documents and hours of
scanning, with anywhere, anytime digital document uploads.

Streamline Verification

Changes in verification mean more headaches for you and
frustration for students. Ease their pain and yours with tools
that smooth out a rough system.
Streamline Verification
Help At-Risk Students

Help At-Risk Students

Spend less time nudging, reviewing documents, and answering
an unruly call volume. Spend more time supporting students
who need it most.

How Financial Aid Automation Impacts Student
Financial Success

The financial aid process is complex. Outdated, manual systems put unnecessary strain on
financial aid staff, students and their families. So, what happens when those processes get an
automation upgrade? Fewer errors, streamlined, personalized communications and greater
efficiencies allow staff to spend more time giving personalized guidance to students who need it.
When students become better informed and better served borrowers, they’re more likely to stay
on the path to graduation.

Better-supported staff mean
better-supported students

An intelligent conversation engine, a student communications platform and a vastly
streamlined financial aid application process combine to wield a powerful sword
against financial aid friction.
Individual Products To Automate Financial Aid Processes
Student Forms Icon


The financial aid process software that automates and
simplifies workflows to reduce compliance risk and
drive financial aid completion.
Streamline Processes
Scholarship Universe Icon


Increase scholarship fund utilization through adaptive
student matching and a streamlined scholarship
management process.
Start Matching
Campus Communicator Icon


The clarifying engagement tool that eliminates confusion and
guides students into next steps.
Get Connected
VirtualAdvisor Icon


The only advising platform that combines AI-driven conversations
with student data to drive financial aid and enrollment completion.
Personalize Conversations

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