VirtualAdvisor Gives
Students 24/7 Access
to Personalized Financial
Aid Information

Students need your guidance 24/7—but you physically can't answer questions round-the-clock. Add VirtualAdvisor to your team, and you’ll connect students to personalized information like their financial aid package, scholarship eligibility, and more, instantly. Think bigger than a search chatbot—this is an AI tool that provides personalized, multilingual answers that satisfy student questions.

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Provide Personalized Financial Aid Information 24/7

More than a chatbot, VirtualAdvisor is the newest member of your team—answering student questions round the clock. Explore how VirtualAdvisor’s artificial intelligence reduces staff strain by guiding students to relevant next steps (no phone calls or emails required!)

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Create Efficiencies

Over 50% of all institutions say that allocating scarce resources is the number one challenge. When VirtualAdvisor joins your team (virtual director of financial aid, at your service!) your staff will enjoy a drastic reduction in manual tasks. Here’s why:

  • 80% of routine questions will be answered via VirtualAdvisor’s pre-loaded financial aid knowledge: videos, content and more
  • Provides dynamic answers to student questions by connecting to multiple systems in your office, reducing call volumes
  • Say goodbye to answering the same questions over and over, and repurpose that time into high-value 1:1 advising
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Drive Enrollment

Enrollment and retention suffer when students don’t get the answers they need—there’s nothing more dangerous than uncertainty. Yet 40% of staff say they spend too little time communicating with parents and students. VirtualAdvisor drives real-time communication:

  • Available whenever students and parents have questions—on their schedules, not yours
  • Spend more time focused on personalized advising for high risk students
  • Increase knowledge of personal financial status with the ability to automatically answer questions about each student’s aid package

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