Every student is
first in line.

With VirtualAdvisor, every student is first in line with
personalized answers to routine questions. We combine
AI-driven automation with student data to create
student-specific conversations that drive degree completion.


VirtualAdvisor is More Than a Chatbot

Student data powers the conversation to give real, personalized answers. See how:

Did I submit my FAFSA?

How much was I awarded in Pell Grant?

Do I need to do anything for verification?

Product ScreenShots VA desktop

Guide students to degree completion.

  • Craft outbound nudging campaigns to engage students
  • Enable 24/7 support to prospective and current students using CampusLogic’s answer database and institution-specific training
  • Meet students where they are by embedding your assistant on your website, social media platforms, award letters, and more
Product ScreenShots VA tablet

Adapt in real-time to student needs.

  • AI-driven sentiment analysis helps you understand student satisfaction with the conversation
  • Seamlessly tag team with your virtual assistant when students need intervention
  • Remove language barriers with unlimited instant translations to over 60 languages

Resources for Your Team

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Don’t Condemn Students To A Rising Tide Of Information But No Answers

Learn how a virtual assistant can help you answer critical student questions and keep them on track to graduate.

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